Trying Recycled Jeans Yarn

This is a new to me yarn from Venne Cotton called Eco Jeans.  It is a 12/2 cotton, made from recycled blue jeans and jeans clothing, spun together with used PET bottles.  My research shows that PET plastic is the plastic, often used for water bottles, that is collected in our blue boxes and can be ground up and reused, over and over, and has a low carbon footprint with recycling.  So, saving used clothing and plastic bottles from the landfill must have some positive, right?

The denim clothing is broken down into small fibres and combined with the broken-down PET to create a soft, linen-like thread that feels like old, well-loved blue jeans.  It comes in a variety of blue-jeans colours from Dark Navy to Cloud.

I adapted the pattern called “Bricks and Mortar” available at GIST yarns, to make these scarves.  Sett at 15 ends per inch using the colours Navy, Steel and Cloud.  My warp was 11.75 inches in the reed, and 6 yds long, to make a sample and two scarves, each about 74 inches long on the loom.  The pattern has a warp-float effect, and I treadled in a Huck style: tabby, float, tabby, float, tabby.

After taking the scarves off the loom, I twisted the fringe, and washed in a gentle wash in my machine, and air dried.  Finished with a gentle steam iron. 

Soft and drapey, and very wearable next to the skin, though I think I will try an even looser sett next time.  Finished size of each scarf is 68.5 inches long x 10 inches wide.  306 gm of yarn used in total. 

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I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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9 Responses to Trying Recycled Jeans Yarn

  1. Gin says:

    Really beautiful 🙂 , love the twisted fringes

  2. Lynne Russell says:

    They look so good. Amazing yarn! So interesting that yarn could be made from jeans and plastic and come out looking so touchable and gorgeous.

  3. Angela McLaren says:

    Do you have a Canadian source for the yarn?
    Your scarf is beautiful.

  4. Thanks, Lynne, I’m happy I tried this, and be happy to show you in person next time we can get together.

  5. Liz says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing

  6. Linda Meneghello says:

    Are these for sale and how long are they

  7. Thanks, Linda – yes, they are for sale – I’ll talk to you privately. The scarves are approx 68″ long by 10 inches wide.

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