One Week in British Columbia

I’m back in BC for one week – reconnecting with family and friends.  This is an important week for me, with my daughter’s birthday, and my birthday coming at the start and end of the week.  The weather here is a balmy 12 degrees Celsius, and the sun peeked out today.  I had a pleasant walk around Como Lake, enjoying nature, watching the birds and fishers on the lake.  Fruit trees lift their abundant blossoms to the sky, a lone duck floats across the water, flowers poke their heads out of the ground and burst into colour.  This is an urban lake, and quite popular, but I still managed to find solitude and time to think about life and love, and where it’s taking me.

464   458

466  460

Although I am disappointed that the colour workshop with Judith MacKenzie was postponed until August, I have been able to complete all my weaving and financial obligations and have had time to spend with family.

The grandchildren are growing like weeds, which is exactly what they should be doing.  We enjoyed a snuggly Saturday morning cartoon watching, and delicious brunch, cooked by my son Michael, and daughter Sarah.  I also enjoyed a home-made hamburger barbeque with Jeff and Al, and the kids.  The grandchildren, all three, are so precious and adorable.  I love watching them grow and develop, and to see the world, fresh again, through their eyes.  Wet kisses, generous hugs, bright shinny eyes, fierce independence, genuine laughter.  These are gifts given to their grandparents on an ordinary Saturday morning.


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I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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