Coquitlam Weavers’ Dye Day

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend our annual Coquitlam Weavers and Spinners Dye Day graciously hosted by Marilyn.  This year, six of us attended the event and after we set up the dye pots, we kicked off the day with a yummy pot luck lunch while the dye pots simmered.  We talked about our summer experiences so far, and about our upcoming show at Place des Arts.  Trudy had just returned from six weeks as a camp host in the interior of BC near Revelstoke, and I talked about my experiences in Australia.  Marilyn showed her patchwork quilt, which she had just finished making for her grandson – with fabrics representing his passions for hockey, baseball, golf, and cards – beautiful work.  Marilyn also showed her fabric she was experimenting with – wrapping white cotton around rusty iron items and copper pennies, to created rusted-coloured shapes in her fabrics.  Irene has a small shawl she had spun and knitted from fibres dyed by Felicia at Sweet Georgia.  Irene has put this up on Ravelery.  Terry showed the lovely soft and cushy blanket she had made as a gift for a family member – in a twill structure she designed and she dyed her weft in various colours of blue to resemble an old comfortable pair of blue jeans.  Kristin showed her lovely basket she had brought her lunch in, and worked on weaving a gathering basket through the afternoon.

Marilyn had started a dye pot in a lovely raspberry red – she dyed wool roving fibre, and I dipped one end of my pre-measured silk warp in the pot.  After we took these pieces out – the dye had not yet exhausted, so I added a skein of tussah silk that will be a coordinating weft for the scarves I intend to make.

I then put on a pot in cobalt blue, and dipped the other end of my warp skein, including an overlap of the red, to create a purple area, and also added a skein of silk for coordinating weft.



My skeins were still drying when I had to leave for the airport for my return trip to Australia, so I won’t be able to play with this until I return again – but I will have something to look forward to and wonder how different the colours will look once they are dry.

Thanks, Marilyn, and friends for the lovely day.

About spinweaverbarbara

I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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1 Response to Coquitlam Weavers’ Dye Day

  1. vicki collins says:

    sounds like a great afternoon, happy travels Barb!

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