December is for Finishing

In December I like to pull out all the unfinished projects in a push to get them to completion before the end of the year, so that I can start the New Year fresh and free.  So far, I have completed the following:

Woven napkinsThese napkins, I wove a while ago, and I just needed to add hems to the set of eight.  The napkins are woven of 2/8 natural cotton, sett at 20 ends per inch, and based on the pattern “Johann D’s No. 32” in Marguerite Porter Davison’s  A Handweaver’sPattern Book, page 97.  Ms. Davison calls this Swedish Lace, but I think it is actually a combination of Bronson Lace and Spot Bronson, because every other thread is on shaft 1.


Although usually I just hem, wash and iron dry cotton and linen napkins, this time I decided to block them individually to prevent the plain weave hems from flaring out wider than the lace pattern.  I blocked to 13” square, which allows the lace pattern to show to best effect.

IMG_1393  IMG_1395

Socks, part 1:  These knit socks just needed to have the toes completed and the ends woven in:

IMG_1398 IMG_1404

Done, done, and done.

Socks, part 2:  These knit socks, however, proved to be very tight to put on over my heels.  Although they are very pretty, I would probably never wear them because they are so hard to get on and off.


Funny how I knit the first sock, tried it on and knew it was too tight, but then went ahead and knit the second sock, even still.  Now they have languished in the “to be finished” box for almost a year.  I pulled them out, tried them on again.  Nope, my feet did not shrink over the year.  Reluctantly, I decided to totally rip them out and re-knit on a size larger needle.  This will go back to the new project pile, and therefore doesn’t have to be finished before the end of the year.

I can make up my own rules if I want to.

Blue Shawl: Next up, a blue shawl in an ombré wool yarn from Kauni (Denmark) that reminds me of fading blue jeans.  I knit the ribbed edging, then washed and blocked the finished shawl, and I am really pleased with the result.  The shawl is simply knit in garter and stocking stitch, based on the pattern “Flamboyan” from Stephen West.

IMG_1400 IMG_1401 IMG_1403

Cap and Mitts

Finally, I completed the Watch Cap and Fingerless mitts from my own handspun yarn.  These are international – spun in Australia, knit in Canada.



About spinweaverbarbara

I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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3 Responses to December is for Finishing

  1. vicki collins says:

    thanks for the fashion show, great work and even greater that you enjoy so much! Merry christmas to you and family hope to see you sometime over the holidays.

  2. Well done on the finishes. Wish I could say the same but this December is turning into a month of serious effort in my day job followed by fatigue in the evening, interspersed with holiday events. I’m looking forward to the Christmas New Year break. Maybe then I can take a leaf out of your book.

  3. Linda Meneghello says:

    Hi Barb

    Hope you will be attending the brunch on Sunday the 22nd. These items are so awesome and you are so talented–please let me know the next time you have a show or are at a trade fair.

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