Summer and Winter Weave, Crackle and Spring Colour Explosion

I’m doing a little of this, a little of that, while enjoying the wonderful colour explosion of the late Spring flowers.

Here is the third effort in my continuing study of Summer and Winter Weave.  This is 4 shaft Summer and Winter on a multi-coloured warp.  I wove a scarf with a 2/8 cotton warp, and added a little bling to the tie-down warp in every Block A.  The tabby weft is 2/8 tencel to encourage drape, and the Pattern weft is 5/2 UKI mercerized cotton.  Because all the colours are close in value, the result is a scarf that appears to have more texture than pattern.

IMG_2519  IMG_2520

To finish off the Crackle Weave projects, I wove two baby blankets on the same white warp of 2/8 cotton.  The first has a pattern weft of “Baby Bamboo” knitting yarn and tabby weft same as the warp, woven in traditional crackle with colour changing with the blocks.  It has a wonderful weight and feel.


The second blanket is woven in polychrome crackle in pink and blue 2/8 cotton, which highlights the pattern.  Both blankets are finished with a crocheted edging.  Amazing what can be done on a four shaft loom.


But I haven’t just been staying indoors weaving.  We are enjoying beautiful sunny days and the flowers in my yard are glorious.  The tiger lilies have come in in vibrant orange and red this year, the peonies are brilliant fuchsia, and the white flowers bring balance.  I will enjoy them all before the rains and cloudy days come back.

IMG_2507  IMG_2506

IMG_2501  IMG_0912

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I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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2 Responses to Summer and Winter Weave, Crackle and Spring Colour Explosion

  1. vicki says:

    wow Barb, those blankets are gorgeous, your garden flowers as well.

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