Ron and I took advantage of the long Victoria Day weekend to spend four days camping on the south Washington coast at Ocean Beaches.  We had a wonderfully quiet and peaceful camping spot away from internet, phones, and any kind of technology.  An opportunity to find rare uninterrupted time to spend just with each other.   The first long weekend of the summer.  We enjoyed visiting the local interpretive centre and learning about the indigenous sea life, birds and mammals that inhabit the south Washington coast.

IMG_3070   IMG_3073

A weekend of contemplation and reflection.  We are just entering our senior years, and spent some time talking about our plans for the next few years together.  What is important to us? Where will we live?  Where will we travel to?  Should we sell the house and downsize or stay where we are?  What legacy will we leave to our children, grandchildren,  and community?

We do believe in having a retirement career, and are thinking about how to start a business that will provide for us, not only financially, but also mentally, and emotionally.  We have skills that we want to share with the next generation.  Of course I will continue weaving, spinning and teaching, while at the same time supporting my husband and family.  Ron is my best friend, the one person who knows every part of me, and I know every part of him.  We do not always agree, of course, and are individually very strongly opinionated,  which can lead to loud discussions, but ultimately, together, we are an unbreakable force.

So, a weekend of exploration, renewal, and love.  I look forward, with positive anticipation to the next few years.

About spinweaverbarbara

I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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2 Responses to Solitude

  1. KerryCan says:

    What a wonderful weekend you had! And it sounds like a very promising future, too.

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