June Towel of the Month – a little lace

This is a lovely towel woven in Atwater-Bronson Lace, where the lace forms small frames around a plain weave centre.  This is done in two blocks on four shafts.  I decided to use some Fox Fibre naturally coloured cotton for these towels.  The cotton is 12/2; with a soft hand, so I am setting it at 20 ends per inch.  The colour I chose for the warp is called Dessert Storm and is a blend of 50% natural and 50% green.  These colours darken when washed.

Again, the resource for the pattern is found in the article, “Weaving Towels as a Means of Learning the Basic Four-Shaft Weaves”, by Clotilde Barrett, Weavers Journal, Fall 1983, Volume VIII, Number 2, Issue 30, pages 11- 19.  The link is: https://www.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/periodicals/wj_30.pdf

With Atwater-Bronson Lace every other thread is threaded on shaft 1, so make sure you count your heddles before you start.  Shafts 3 and 4 are used to generate floats, and shaft 2 is the tie-down shaft.  Lace can be woven in Block A, Block B, or both Blocks A and B at the same time.

My adaptations to the draft are included below.

Warp and Weft: 12/2 naturally coloured cotton from Fox Fibre, sett at 20 ends per inch

Each towel will be woven 20 inches wide and 32 inches long, which will accommodate a 1 inch hem on each end.  The warp is 4 yards long, which will allow 3 towels and 1 yard for loom waste and take-up and sampling.

june picture

Sorry that the draft picture isn’t clearer. You can enlarge it or see the draft in the accompanying article.   The threading draft is 8 ends on shafts 1 & 2 for the right selvedge; then repeat the following 8 times [10 ends on shafts 1 & 2 for plain weave; Block A (1-3-1-3-1-2; 1-3-1-3-1-2); Block B (1-4-1-4-1-2; 1-4-1-4-1-2); Block A (1-3-1-3-1-2; 1-3-1-3-1-2)] finish with 10 ends plain weave, then 4 ends for right selvedge.

Start with two inches of plain weave, then follow the repeats of plain weave, Lace in Block A and B together, Lace in Block A only, Lace in Block A and B together.  Weave to 30 inches and then finish with two inches of lace weave.

Happy weaving.




About spinweaverbarbara

I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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2 Responses to June Towel of the Month – a little lace

  1. Barbara, you should end up with beautiful, thirsty towels. Your right about the perils of not counting your heddles on shaft 1 before doing this weave structure . I’ve had that happen and it is not pretty.

    • So true. Actually I’m lazy and hate to move heddles, so I’m putting it on my eight shaft and putting half the threads that should be on shaft one on shaft five. Then treadling as if shafts one and five are tied together. simple!

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