June Towels – Washed, Pressed, Hemmed

The June towels are hot off the loom, and washed, pressed and hemmed.  I really like the elegance of the little lace squares, the ladder hemstitching and the naturally coloured cotton.

IMG_3141  IMG_3138  IMG_3143  IMG_3142

I wish you could touch them.  They have a lovely soft drape.  There are four towels in all, two in naturally coloured green and two in a light brown/green blend.

Ron and I spend a few days earlier in the month camping at Cultus Lake, the provincial campground about 1.5 hrs out of town.  We went before the schools let out for the summer. It was more busy on the weekend, but during the weekdays we were the only campers in our section, so it was very quiet.  Our camp spot was nestled in among the trees of the old forest.  So calm and serene.  I imagined being a forest sprite, flitting among the trees.  As I laid my hand on their trunks, each moss covered tree told its own story.  Oh the adventures they had over so many years, first as young saplings, then stately adults, and finally as wise and gnarled elders.  I enjoyed the cool, dark shadows, and the sunlight as it dappled through the high leaves.

IMG_3115  IMG_3112  IMG_3108  IMG_3117

In the afternoons we made our way to the lake, to enjoy the sunshine warming our bones, and being investigated by the passing geese.

IMG_3118  IMG_3125



Nice to have a mini-vacation so close to home.

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I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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5 Responses to June Towels – Washed, Pressed, Hemmed

  1. The towels are very elegant. I really love the ladder stitching you added. Can’t wait to see your next towels.

  2. Linda Meneghello says:

    You write so well-you should write a book!!!

  3. KerryCan says:

    I love the towels! They make me think of the vintage linens I collect, with that open design. And your vacation spot looks absolutely perfect!

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