Still weaving

I’m still here, and this is what I have been working on:

On The Queen, my big, old, sturdy hand made loom:


Two scarves at the same time on the JST muted colour warp gamp.  I dropped the centre threads, so that the left scarf is predominately warm colours and the right scarf is predominately cool colours.  warp is 2/8 cotton, and the weft is silk, sett 16 ends per inch.  This is slower than just weaving one at a time, but is plain weave.  It probably would have been easier if the pattern/colour order was similar, but it is just a matter of counting two things at the same time, and a lot of stopping to measure.  Each scarf is about 9.5 inches wide.

On the Baby Wolf: a wide scarf in six shaft crackle weave:

2.8 cotton warp, silk and cotton weft.

On my spinning wheel, a lovely merino/silk blend.  Hand dyed by Smith and Ewe, the colour is called “Winter in Tofino” and showcases the white, grey, green of a moody winter day in this Vancouver Island west coast community.


And knitting a simple pair of socks from yarn hand dyed by Farm Fairy Fibres.  This is sock #2, almost finished.


This weekend I attended the market place at the Textile Society of America Symposium where Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners had a booth, and then on Sunday went to the great charity yarn sale at Van Deusen Gardens and added to my stash of silk, rayon, and linen with some great bargains.  I foresee some fun weaving projects ahead.



About spinweaverbarbara

I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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  1. Elizabeth Barreca says:

    My name is Elizabeth Barreca is been commanded to meet with Barbara for some advises on the spinning wheel.
    I m also leaving the country soon and if possible to have a conversation my email address is cell phone is 604 715-2953

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