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Sweet, Simple Linen

A sweet short warp to use up some of my smaller bits of linen thread.  Enough for one towel and one scarf.  The colours are mirrored from the centre, with Fibonacci sequencing.  The warp is mixed linens, some Euroflax, some … Continue reading

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Crammed and Spaced and Crammed and Spaced Again

First in crisp 2/40 linen. The draft is from JST Online Guild Season 3, Episode 2.  Nice drape and effect.     And then again with spaced naturally-coloured, organic cotton and crammed Monte Cristo plush cotton boucle.  Soft and light … Continue reading

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Paper and Linen

The navy and green scarf is completed, off the loom and finished.  I love the crispness of the scarf, but it is definitely scratchy and straw-like.  It will work as a scarf if it is tucked under a jacket lapel, … Continue reading

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Experiment in Linen

I wanted to try working with linen again.  The last time I wove with linen threads was at least ten years ago, and while I ended up with some pretty nice tea towels. I remember many people saying linen was … Continue reading

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Wet Finishing for Weavers

As weavers we know that the project isn’t finished as soon as it comes of the loom.  We need to tidy it up, fix any errors, sew the hems or twist a fringe, and otherwise make it as close to … Continue reading

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