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Spring Break Spinning

Well, Winter Sessions have finished and Spring Break brings a much needed teaching break.  This was my first year teaching the Spinning and Dyeing class at Place des Arts, and along with teaching some new Intermediate Weaving workshops, I experienced … Continue reading

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Summer and Winter Sample 2

The second challenge of the Summer and Winter study was to look at eight-shaft Summer and Winter weave on a one-colour warp.  On eight shafts, six blocks are available.  I chose 8/2 tencel in the colour olive green for warp.  … Continue reading

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After weaving several projects that involved complicated processes and multiple shuttles, it was a delight to weave something completely uncomplicated.  These two scarves practically flowed from the loom.  The draft is adapted from Daryl Lancaster’s scarves in the article “Using … Continue reading

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Crackle in Silk

I’ve been experimenting with Crackle Weave in preparation for the class I will teach in May.   I love how the colours look together on the warping board.  I use elastic bands to hold the yarn on the warping board until … Continue reading

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Whonnock Weavers and 2 new scarves

Yesterday I attended the Whonnock Weavers and Spinners Guild Annual Show and Sale.  This event stands out for several reasons.  First, the venue is spectacular!  The Whonnock Lake Centre is located in Whonnock Lake Park, and the room has lovely … Continue reading

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Coquitlam Weavers’ Dye Day

On Sunday, I was lucky enough to attend our annual Coquitlam Weavers and Spinners Dye Day graciously hosted by Marilyn.  This year, six of us attended the event and after we set up the dye pots, we kicked off the … Continue reading

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Silk Rewards

The silk warp that I struggled so hard to get on the loom, to the point where I almost abandoned it, has paid off handsomely with two vibrant and fantastically drapable scarves.  I wove one scarf in plain weave with … Continue reading

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