Summer and Winter Sample 2

The second challenge of the Summer and Winter study was to look at eight-shaft Summer and Winter weave on a one-colour warp.  On eight shafts, six blocks are available.  I chose 8/2 tencel in the colour olive green for warp.  I followed Mary Bentley’s profile draft from her Summer and Winter workshop, and put on a warp 9 inches wide, and three yards long, sett at 20 ends per inch.

As with the four shaft version, I treadled for “singles”, “O-pairs”; and “X-pairs”. I also sampled different pattern colours against the olive ground.

IMG_2317  IMG_2319  IMG_2315

I felt the profile draft had an Asian feel and through the sampling, I loved the impact of the blue pattern yarn against the green.  I then used the remaining sample warp to weave a scarf.  The pattern yarn is Ming Blue 2/8 tencel.  For tabby, I used 2/16 cotton in pale limette.  I beat the warp to achieve 20 pattern ends and 20 tabby ends per inch.

The scarf is predominately blue on one side and green on the reverse.


IMG_2312  IMG_2313  IMG_2314

The tencel shines like silk against the cotton background and looks like a Chinese brocade.

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I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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