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Autumn Towels in Summer and Winter

It is truly Autumn here in BC.  We had a long extended summer with lots of sunshine.  This week the rains started and the weather turned colder.  It happens every year, the leaves start to turn and then it rains … Continue reading

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Silken Kaleidoscope

I recently attended Karen Selk’s Silken Kaleidoscope workshop, which was sponsored by the Peace Arch Weavers and Spinners.  Karen is a wonderful weaver, frequent contributor to Handwoven Magazine, and founder and former owner of Treenway Silk. In addition to the … Continue reading

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This Just in from WA

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail today and found this! A beautiful Jarrah wood music box, playing “Waltzing Matilda”. Some Dreamee Wool top of Western Australian wool. And a wonderful hand-made card containing notes from all my weaving … Continue reading

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In a Blink

This last period of time, from Spring Break to Easter, flew by in a blink.  A BLINK!  A quick opening and closing of the eyes and it was gone.  At the same time, so many good things happened in this … Continue reading

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After weaving several projects that involved complicated processes and multiple shuttles, it was a delight to weave something completely uncomplicated.  These two scarves practically flowed from the loom.  The draft is adapted from Daryl Lancaster’s scarves in the article “Using … Continue reading

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Crackle in Silk

I’ve been experimenting with Crackle Weave in preparation for the class I will teach in May.   I love how the colours look together on the warping board.  I use elastic bands to hold the yarn on the warping board until … Continue reading

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A Year of Learning

I’m starting to think that my idea of retirement is very different from that of others.  This year is shaping up to be a very intense year of learning and teaching with an almost vertical learning curve and I am … Continue reading

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First Weaving of 2014 Completed!

I just finished my first weaving of 2014! A year ago I was preparing to go and live in Australia for ten months.  A lot happened in 2013; some of it good and some of it sad, but Western Australia … Continue reading

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Why Weave on a Winter Solstice?

Tomorrow is Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  Today it is snowing.   As I look at the snowy trees outside my window, sipping a warm cup of tea, I am thankful for the warmth of central heating inside … Continue reading

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December is for Finishing

In December I like to pull out all the unfinished projects in a push to get them to completion before the end of the year, so that I can start the New Year fresh and free.  So far, I have … Continue reading

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