In a Blink

This last period of time, from Spring Break to Easter, flew by in a blink.  A BLINK!  A quick opening and closing of the eyes and it was gone.  At the same time, so many good things happened in this time, and I would like to remember them all.

  • I taught my first weaving workshop, “One Warp, Many Weaves”, at Fibres West
  • I attended a workshop on “Creating a Felted Bowl”, taught by Donna Hunter
  • I acted as substitute teacher for three beginning spinning classes while Kim was away on vacation.
  • I was awarded the contract to teach the on-going spinning classes at Place des Arts starting in September
  • I will be teaching a second weaving workshop “Crackle Weave, Traditional to Modern” in May
  • Both my beautiful daughter and I had birthdays in April.  I spent the day walking around the house singing “When I’m 64” now that I am.  My family thinks I am eccentric, an image I encourage. They never know what I will do next.
  • A celebration of Easter, and the coming of Spring, wrapped in the love of my family.  Watching the happy Easter Bunny faces of my grandsons, and receiving little boy hugs and kisses.

I chose to really live in the moments of these events, and to appreciate and enjoy every moment.  I tend to be a goal oriented person, and set myself challenges and goals to work towards.  I’m not going to change this behaviour; it keeps me fresh, focused, and moving forward.  Still, I need to remind myself to stop, and take a moment to breathe, in between the goals and events of my life.  And to reflect on how lucky I am to have all this; looking forward to the future, enjoying the present and remembering the past.

This morning I am packing up my loom and supplies and heading off to a three-day workshop on Repp Weave, taught by Rosalie Neilson.  What fun!


About spinweaverbarbara

I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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6 Responses to In a Blink

  1. Linda says:

    So happy for you and proud of your accomplishments–You go girl!!

  2. vicki says:

    sounds perfect, doing what you love!

  3. What a busy month you had, yet it sounded wonderful. I’ll be anxious to hear about Roslie’s workshop. I have signed up for it when she comes to houston this Oct.

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