Leaving Western Australia

Yesterday I left Western Australia, and this time, I am not sure when or if I will be back. So, I am writing this post to say good-bye to the people that have touched my heart during my Australian adventures.

To those who have shared this adventure, thanks for your friendship and support.  To my dear husband, Ron, who led me on this adventure, and whose love of life and new experiences always keeps things fresh.

To my fellow Vancouverites, I enjoyed the “Canadian Thanksgiving” with Canadian friends from around the world.  Isn’t if funny, of the six adults celebrating Canada and our Thanksgiving, only one was actually born and raised in Canada.  I will never forget what a treat it was to celebrate shared friendships and Thanksgiving outside in the warm sunshine, after communal cooking.  Thanks so much Katrina and Brendon, Iona and Christopher for your perfect hospitality.  Niamh and Chris and Sean, enjoyed your company immensely, and hope you enjoy Brisbane.  I am sure I will see you all again soon.  Maybe we can do this again next year.



To the members of the Western Australia Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers:  Thank you for your open and warm caring and your generosity in taking me in and making me part of your community.  I had great fun at the meetings and events, sharing of show and tell, and enjoying great soup and sweets.  Special thanks to Sally,Jo, Janet and Sue, and really everyone I met. Getting to know you made my stay in Perth special.  The sense of humour of the nameless yarn bombers leads to anticipation of the Open House.  Sorry I missed it, hope you all had a great time.



I will think of you often, and hopefully will see you again.  So just, so long for now, and thanks.

About spinweaverbarbara

I have been steadily weaving since 1980. I enjoy sharing and passing on my learning.
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