Western Australia’s Beaches

I am happy to be back in Canada and I am looking forward to seeing and catching up with all my friends.

I will miss the beaches in Western Australia, though.

What a sensational feeling to dip my toes in the ocean, and listen to the sound of waves crashing.  Good-bye to the beaches and oceans of Western Australia:

This serene and open beach is on the Sunset Drive along the Indian Ocean, near Joondalup, just north of Perth.



A couple of weekends ago we took the seven hour drive over to Esperance, on the Southern Ocean side of Western Australia.  The drive over was amazing and remote, we passed maybe six other cars in five hours, driving through trees, into scrub bush that could have been on some other planet and no sign of human habitation, and then into huge salt water flats, finally emerging into beautiful ocean views.

Here we have the white sand and turquoise waters of Lucky Bay, near Esperance, on the Southern Ocean.

IMG_1121  IMG_1131

And then, closer to Perth again, there was the iconic, pretty, and very popular Cottesloe Beach, on the Indian Ocean.

IMG_1205  IMG_1209




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2 Responses to Western Australia’s Beaches

  1. vicki collins says:

    Welcome back Barb, I have enjoyed sharing your travels and experiences with you. Thanks for the “trip!”

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